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Let's VOLT IN!

Volt In! is the fanlisting for the mecha series Voltes 5 [or Voltes V, but I write it with the Hindu-Arabic numeral so as not confuse reading the title with Combattler V, read "vee"]. By the term "mecha" we mean that machines, that is, robots, play a dominant, influential role in the plot/story.

Voltes 5 is one of the three classic mecha anime series known more affectionately to fans as "The Tadao Nagahama Romance Robot Anime Trilogy." Alongside Voltes 5 are Daimos and Combattler V, all by the same brilliant creator, Tadao Nagahama. It was his dream, now realized in more ways than one by fans all over the world, to give a human side to the cold action of "robot" anime.

Quoted from Roman Album #14 Voltes V, Nagahama-sensei says: Up until now, when it came to robot anime, the battle scenes were its sales point, and the story concluded in one episode. Voltes 5 was a creation intended to go beyond that. I wanted to get behind the perspectives of the enemy to express their psychological aspects to the audiences. I also wanted to create some sort of blood relationship between the hero and its enemy. Previous animes have never dealt with social themes but in Voltes, I have presented a situation where there was prejudice between those who had horns and those who didn't. And I wanted to integrate that situation into this epic saga. This work delves into the lives of different people. This work requires a lot of thinking from the audience. It would be grateful if this work be given some thoughts and applied to your own lives.

The series, which gained cult popularity in the 1970s-80s, basically chronicles the battle of Earth against Boazania. The latter planet has two races--the horned ones and those without horns. The horned ones form the upper, ruling classes, while the rest are made into slaves who are treated no greater than base animals. The Emperor of Boazania has decided that it was high time they accumulate more power and resources, and what better way to achieve this than by conquering other less-civilized planets? Thus, the Earth Invasion Force was formed, under the leadership of Prince Zardoz (Heinell in Japanese).

When the threat of the Boazanian invasion became imminent, a mysterious man called Dr. Armstrong [Prof. Kentaro Gou] provided the design, largely Boazanian in its being so high-tech for Earth standards, for our planet's ultimate defense weapon: Voltes V. This weapon consisted of five separate, fairly independent battle aircraft that could merge, synergistically, into one very powerful unit--the robot Voltes V.

To pilot the component aircraft, five skilled and talented heroes were needed by Earth. They came in the form of the three Armstrong (Gou) brothers, sons of the Voltes V creator himself, who were brought in to the project by their own mother: Steve (Kenichi), Big Bert (Daijirou) and Little John (Hiyoshi). Rodeo champion and fearless vagabond Mark Gordon (Ippei Mine) was recruited after he won a competition. To complete the line-up was the only girl, the strong, beautiful and ninja-trained Jamie Robinson (Megumi Oka), daughter of Earth army chief General Robinson (General Oka).

With the completion and launching of Voltes V against the ruthless, persistent Boazanian conquerors, what ensues is a grueling mental, physical and emotional combat between the attackers and defenders of Earth. Strength in all aspects of the mecha warriors and their live counterparts are tested, many sacrifices are made, and even more realizations and revelations are brought to light as the war progresses. Who will be left standing in the end? Or would any one really get to win the final battle?

Extensive Voltes 5 information and what-not could be found at The Voltes V Homepage.

Now, Let's Volt Together!