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Link this site? Welcome to Volt In!, the approved and recognized anime fanlisting for the Voltes 5 series. This page is owned by Shi and part of her collective, The Honor and Blood Network.

Show your love for this classic, pioneering series by joining us. Use the image links found above to navigate and make sure you have read the rules before submitting your membership info.

Volt In! has been online since 28 June 2020. Site name was derived from the "transformation" battle call of the team: Let's Volt In!. Thank you for visiting.


Last updated on 03 Sep 2022
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Boazanian invaders since 28 June 2020

Site Changes
· 28 Jun 2020 // Volt In! is opened, so let's...VOLT IN! XD

If you are interested in being an affiliate, simply contact Shi about it.

The current layout features a solo image of the complete Voltes V robot and screen captures from the Voltes 5 anime series of the five main characters, who also form the Voltes Team. The sole young man is team leader/robot pilot Steve Armstrong (Kenichi Gou), while the four members in the other picture are, clockwise from top, Mark Gordon (Ippei Mine), Jamie Robinson (Megumi Oka), Little John Armstrong (Hiyoshi Gou) and Big Bert Armstrong (Daijirou Gou). Site design created using Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready and coded with Notepad. Version title was derived from the English version of the Voltes 5 theme, quoted from this stanza:

Soldiers, boldly unite to fight
And fight for peace, hand in hand
Like eagles through the breeze
Over lands and over seas